OpenStack Day Benelux 2017

OpenStack Day Benelux 2017

OpenStack: The Results & Opportunities

On September the 14th of 2017 we are sponsoring the 4th edition of the OpenStack Day Benelux. At this event you can be inspired as decision maker, developer, administrator & user about the practical applications of the OpenStack cloud software. The OpenStack Day Benelux is the largest OpenStack event in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, where you can meet other members of the OpenStack community.

Your Openstack is up & running: now what? Containers?

Please join our break-out session at 15h30 "Your Openstack is up & running: now what? Containers?"
Once you have OpenStack up & running, what are the next steps to take? Container management platforms. The technology that is being talked about everywhere & where organisations want to start working with. But which technology will stand the test of time? OpenStack Magnum, Rancher or OpenShift?! Choosing a container management platform that helps you roll out a container environment is critical and needs to match the goals of your organisation. In this session we’ll guide you through the different flavours of platforms, tell you about pro’s and cons, how to choose and most of all, show you a real life example.

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