IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix

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The IBM Bluemix cloud platform helps you solve real problems and drive business value with applications, infrastructure and services.
- Weaves together the services, infrastructure and data to rapidly bring your ideas to production
- Manages and scales your business from day 1 to year 105
- Simplifies the process of building systems that use data to understand, reason, and learn

Bringing the cloud together

Cloud resources make it possible to bring together multiple data sources, scale systems, and incorporate cognitive services to drive business value quickly and inexpensively. Integrate high-performance cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge services into your IT environment with the IBM Bluemix cloud platform.

Drive transformation

Whether you are looking to simply connect to an existing on-premises databases or re-host, re-factor or rewrite an existing application, we have the tools and expertise to bring your existing IT into the cloud.

Build data rich software

As apps and services become increasingly delivered through digital channels, analytics are the heart of personalization, establishing context and building systems that intuitively respond to both behavior and the world around them.

Peter (managing director)
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