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Puppet technology helps you know what's in your infrastructure, and how it's configured across all the physical components of your data center; your virtualised and cloud infrastructure; and everything you're running in containers. Puppet automatically keeps everything in its desired state, enforcing consistency and keeping you compliant, while giving you complete control to make changes as your business needs evolve.

With the increasing number of physical and virtual servers available for workloads, comes increasingly complex server management. Servers are grouped per workload and are deployed on local virtualisation infrastructure or in remote datacenters. No matter the size of your infrastructure, automation and orchestration generally make life easier. With these open source automation tools, server configuration can be written once, and servers can be deployed automatically. Which tool you need, depends on your requirements and your current environment.

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Puppet Enterprise goes beyond orchestration to manage your entire data center, systems and applications

Puppet Enterprise’s intelligent application and infrastructure orchestration capabilities are just the beginning. Only Puppet includes desired state conflict detection and situational awareness, and comes with over 4,800 prebuilt supported, approved and community-contributed modules.

Puppet Cloud Discovery™ delivers insights you can act on

Gain greater insight into what you have and make more informed decisions about how to manage it. This cloud-native service visualizes a rich set of system data giving you better awareness of the state of your infrastructure, whether it’s managed by Puppet or not.

Puppet capabilities

Puppet’s capabilities give you a standard way to automatically inspect, deliver, update, monitor, and secure your distributed applications and global infrastructure.
- Orchestration
- Automated provisioning
- Configuration automation
- Visualization & reporting
- Code management
- Node management
- Role-based access control
- Situational awareness
- Discovery & insights

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