GitLab & Kangaroot offer you a complete DevOps platform. Collaboration optimises the Belgian DevOps market. Kangaroot enters into a strategic partnership with GitLab, the single application for the DevOps lifecycle.
Do you want to start with OpenShift but don’t have the manpower, knowledge, experience, ... ? Discover OpenShift-in-a-box box & spin up your DevOps platform!
Open Source and EnterpriseDB / Postres at Smals > versatile - big database - mission critical info - 24/7 - expertise
In Kangaroot we have found a partner with whom we could work together and elevate our own knowledge. It gives us peace of mind that we can double-check our ideas with a Kangaroot engineer.
Recently we were present at the CIO Dialogue Benelux. Peter Dens explained how Open Source is used in organisations. On top of that, he gave some insights on containers and how to leverage your DevOps into a more secure environment. How secure is your Open Source Infrastructure?
Once you have OpenStack up & running, what are the next steps to take? Container management platforms. We love all OpenStack flavours!
Kangaroot has the expertise in the whole team, not one person alone. They support us day & night. Innovation & 24/7 support are key.
Modernise your infrastructure with SUSE's servers, Openstack cloud technology for IaaS, and SUSE's software-defined storage. Kangaroot supports SUSE.
Why do we need orchestration platforms? Simply putting your applications into containers probably won't create a phenomenal shift in the way your organisation operates unless you also change how you deploy and manage those containers. There are plenty of possibilities in building your own Docker container through the use eg. of Docker Swarm; Consul; NFS or even by your HA-proxy where you can set up your own load balancers. A lot of choices to be made, but which way is the best for you?
Linux containers? What are they & how can you start with Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher? Need help in container management and your orchestration platform?