ANTWERP, BELGIUM, October 27, 2014 – Kangaroot, Belgium’s leading Open Source and Linux Service Provider, today announced it has joined with Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, to deliver training, support and implementation services in the Benelux market.

Kangaroot, specialist in architectuur, implementatie en ondersteuning van enterprise Linux- en open source-oplossingen, stelt Hans Dillen (43) aan als Business Development Manager. In zijn nieuwe functie is Hans verantwoordelijk voor het bevorderen van de klantenrelaties en het uitbreiden van het bestaande klantenbestand van Kangaroot.


IBM's PowerLinux is the combination of a Linux-based operating system running on IBM Power Architecture technology. This combination produces a customizable system capable of handling large quantities of data more efficiently without the need for additional hardware. To determine real world performance, we composed a test scenario with two comparable systems running large database operations. This test also shows that Linux can be an abstraction layer on different types of hardware that are better at running certain workloads.

14/1/2014 marks a special day in Kangaroot's calendar. We celebrate our 14th anniversary as a company... and the number 14 is everywhere! Over those years - a lifetime in IT - we have had some remarkable moments.