We specialise in enterprise Linux and open source solutions

At Kangaroot, we design, implement, maintain and support IT infrastructure based on Linux and open source software.
With our consulting, organisations lower their IT capital costs and operational expenses. Our certified engineers help you reduce
over-provisioning, consolidate servers and increase business agility and continuity. Ask us how.

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ANTWERP, BELGIUM, October 27, 2014 – Kangaroot, Belgium’s leading Open Source and Linux Service Provider, today announced it has joined with Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, to deliver... More
Aanwerving kadert in ondersteuning groei en verdere uitbouw marktpositie Antwerpen, 31 juli 2014 - Kangaroot, specialist in architectuur, implementatie en ondersteuning van enterprise Linux- en open... More
On Monday April 7th 2014 the Heartbleed Bug was announced by the OpenSSL community and it has been all over the news and tech people’s lips ever since, and rightfully so.  The Heartbleed bug allows... More

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