Thanks to open source, G-Cloud supports Belgian governments


Last year G-Cloud received the award Best Project at the eGov Awards. Thanks to the IaaS & PaaS services of G-Cloud, Belgian governments can focus now maximum on the development of their ICT applications and lower their ICT costs.

Smals, who delivers IT services & people to all government institutions, is responsible for the practical completion of this innovative system & uses open source software, for eg. OpenShift & Docker. Together with Kangaroot they've changed existing Oracle databases by EnterpriseDB on a number of platforms. Technologies like OpenStack, Elasticsearch, etc. are next in line.

Want to know more about benefits of using open source? Why not join us the 18th of May in Technopolis at OPEN'17 where Luc Billion, CSM - Operational Director Infrastructure, Systems, Services & Support at Smals, will elaborate on how they started with G-Cloud and the role of open source during this project.

Peter (managing director)
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