Sudo Vulnerability CVE-2021-3156

SUDO vulnerability CVE-2021-3156

Last night, Qualys has released information on the discovery of a vulnerability in the sudo package.
This vulnerability allows unprivileged users to gain root privileges on a vulnerable host.
The vulnerability has been detected in versions dating up to 10 years back.

If you want more detail on the announcement by Qualys or the CVE released you can follow the links below.
We're currently patching all of our managed service customers and/or contacting them in case the patch for their particular system(s) has not been released yet.
We're expecting more patch releases to come out during the days to come.

If you're uncertain about what next steps to take, do not hesitate to contact us.

Qualys Announcement
Red Hat announcement
Canonical/Ubuntu announcement
Suse announcement

Peter (managing director)
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