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Open Source, tailored for you

Since 2000, Kangaroot is specialised in Enterprise Solutions based on Linux & Open Source Software. We have designed, implemented & maintained 100's of servers & networks. With our consulting, organisations lower their IT capital costs & operational expenses. Our certified engineers help you reduce over-provisioning, consolidate servers and increase business agility and continuity.


Open Source Software Consulting

At Kangaroot, we combine the services of expert solutions engineers with the benefits of Open Source technologies. Our expertise spans across all key areas of Open Source software development of complete, integrated solutions.
  • strategic advice

    Strategic advice & implementation

    By using the available open source building blocks & the occasional proprietary package, we provide a tailor-made solution which we integrate in your current infrastructure. In this way, we guarantee you a solid IT-infrastructure that provides 100% business continuity.

  • 24/7 support

    24/7 Support

    Do you need a solution to your problem, right now? We can help. Or would you like the peaceful Zen mind that comes with a 24/7 support contract? Our support engineers are always on call. Using automated monitoring and alert systems, we help keep your infrastructure up and running.

  • training

    Training & coaching

    We provide core & advanced open source skill sets for real world roles. Our seminars, workshops, hands-on training sessions & mentoring are based on best practices & extensive experience. Every engagement is tailored specifically to your business, so the training aligns perfectly with your organisational and business needs.


How we work

Information technology is critical, your business cannot operate without it. At Kangaroot, we ask the right questions so we can develop a technical solution based on your long-term business requirements. We are passionate about open source technology, but we are realistic. If a solution to your problem requires proprietary software, we will use that too. 

  • Local people for continuity

    Our experts are local people who have been helping businesses with open source software since 2000. They are always just a phone call away. There are no language barriers, cultural barriers or different time zones. The expert helping you today will be the same person who is helping you next month.

  • Tailor-made solutions

    We solve technical business problems on a case-by-case basis. We can use all the technology open source has to offer to improve your business agility, performance and cost reduction. If necessary, we use proprietary software too: we're passionate about open source, but we're also realistic and flexible.

  • Fixed fee & avoid vendor lock-in

    With open source software, you improve your operational efficiency and lower your total cost of ownership. Additionally, you avoid vendor lock-in. We are confident in our skills, so we can offer you a solution for a fixed fee. 

Discover our Managed Services

Managed by Kangaroot

  • OpenShift-in-a-Box

    Do you want to start with containers or a Kubernetes platform? You don’t have the in-house knowledge, experience, manpower to setup OpenShift? Get OpenShift in a box, managed by Kangaroot. 

  • Managed Kubernetes

    Kubernetes has taken the container orchestration landscape by storm, but it still is a fast-moving & complex infrastructure to manage. Not sure how to start with Kubernetes? Tired of running this yourself? Let us manage your Kubernetes!

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