Kangaroot for the public sector

Open Source for Public Sector

Since the Tallinn Declaration in 2017, open source technologies, communities, and methodologies are becoming more and more important in the public sector. 

The Kangaroot services, from advice, to implementation and support, can help you in achieving your new IT challenges. 

It is our goal to unlock open source technology and open source innovation for the public sector. We establish this by maintaining a portfolio of public tenders & partnerships. 

What's in it for you?
  • Enterprise-grade support
  • No tender process – fast time to market
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Easy to order

Expertise in Government

Kangaroot has been an established name in the open source world for over twenty years. We already assist many government agencies with their open source environments. In addition to strategic advice and design, we support open source platforms 24/7.
FOD Finance
European Parliament
Federale politie
Port of Antwerp
University of Antwerp
IBZ Federale Overheidsdienst Binnenlandse Zaken
De Lijn
Federale Politie

We saw the benefits of choosing open source for database management. EnterpriseDB was chosen because we were looking for a database that was versatile enough and big enough to run what we needed! Kangaroot advices & supports us in this transition 

OPEN GOV - 13/12

Upcoming event: OPEN for GOV

12th of December 2023

Please join us the 12th of December 2023 for a new edition of OPEN for GOV, thé Belgian open source event for the Public Sector. During half a day we'll gather some tech updates from our partners around the table, plus you'll meet your peers around the table so you can learn from each others experiences. 

Hans Dillen

Talk to us

Hans Dillen, Business Development Manager at Kangaroot

For all you questions about contract details within our partnerships (mentioned above), you can contact Hans. He knows all the ins and outs of every agreement and is more than happy to guide you in your open source journey! 

E: hans.dillen@kangaroot.net 
T: +32 2 614 01 00

Our partners

We support you together with our partners


Overview of our existing frameworks

  • Smals

    Smals tender

    Since a couple of years, Kangaroot supports Smals with their Elastic & EnterpriseDB Postgres licenses in the following contracts:


    BB-001.001/2020 - Postgres

    • Startdate 2015 
    • EnterpriseDB subscriptions, services, training
    • HVR migration tool subscriptions
    • Kangaroot services


    BB-001.024/2020 - Elastic

    • Startdate July 2021
    • Elasticsearch subscription, services, training
    • Kangaroot services, support

    Discover here whether you are in the Smals Member List to enjoy this agreement! 

  • VITO - Securitas

    VITO Contract

    We've joined the VITO contract through our partnership with Securitas. More info about this agreement:

    • Kangaroot consulting services
    • 50.000+ products and services
    • For cities, municipalities and OCMWs, police zones and fire brigade, government agencies, hospitals, colleges and universities, utilities and intermunicipal companies, …
    • All details at www.vito-securitas.be

    Curious to know more about these contracts? Get in touch! 

  • Bechtle


    There is an existing agreement between Bechtle - Kangaroot - FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister. 


    IT18076 – lot 6

    • Multiple software and hardware products
    • For example Red Hat and Elastic subscriptions
    • Mini-competition

    Want to know more? Get in touch! 

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