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Thanks to years of experience Kangaroot assists your organisation in advising, managing & implementing high-quality technical solutions. With the rising of Cloud and DevOps working methods, standardisation and agility of IT infrastructure & applications are of great importance. 

Together with Red Hat, we build your environment that allows you to be the first to innovate, setting up technical processes within your management organisation and support you 24/7 in your business critical applications.

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Download The automation architect’s handbook:

A guide to leading your company’s end-to-end automation journey

Automation is now at the core of many organisations’ technology strategies. The automation architect is essential to helping organisations move to more comprehensive automation, such as end-to-end automation of IT processes, and ensuring good automation practices across the organisation. But how can we overcome the challenges of automating?

Download and read how this guide can lead your company in its end-to-end automation journey.

Download here

Download e-book

Do you want to become your organisation's IT automation-expert?

Download this e-book and read about the benefits of IT automation and how you can become an IT automation expert. Find out how you can fight against all practical automation adoption barriers within your organisation!

Get to know more about:

  • Dispelling common IT automation myths;
  • The benefits of IT automation;
  • How to become an IT automation expert;
  • How to get started with IT automation.

Download here

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The automation architect's handbook


The automation architect is an emerging role that helps corporations build an automation-first mindset and achieve business, financial, and transformation goals. The role is essential to helping organisations realise the full value of automation, establishing end-to-end process automation and ensuring good automation practices across the organisation.

In this e-book:

  • learn the steps required to lead an organisation beyond task-centric automation and
  • toward an enterprise-wide strategy.
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