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SUSE Enterprise Storage 4

The evolution in storage. Why an open source initiative like Ceph found its way into the enterprise storage world?

Traditional storage solutions are expensive & you'll probably need a forklift getting it in your datacenter. Meanwhile you have an ever growing demand for storage capacity by adopting new technologies like IoT, video for marketing & surveillance now in 4k, expanding user data with the adoption of BYOD and increasing backup requirements.

This demand created the opportunity for Ceph, a Scale-out Software Defined Storage solution, driven by one of the best open source communities worldwide. Standardize on Industry Standard Servers and grow your storage estate at YOUR rate.

At OPEN'17, Tom D’Hont, Sales Engineer at SUSE, showed us the enterprise adoption of Ceph, demonstrate the OpenATTIC management tool and give you a technical deep dive of Ceph and how erasure coding is improving your level of data protection.

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