Thanks to open source, G-Cloud supports Belgian governments


Last year G-Cloud received the award Best Project at the eGov Awards. Thanks to the IaaS & PaaS services of G-Cloud, Belgian governments can focus now maximum on the development of their ICT applications and lower their ICT costs.

Smals, who delivers IT services & people to all government institutions, is responsible for the practical completion of this innovative system & uses open source software, for eg. OpenShift & Docker. Together with Kangaroot they've changed existing Oracle databases by EnterpriseDB on a number of platforms. Technologies like OpenStack, Elasticsearch, etc. are next in line.

Luc Billion, CSM - Operational Director Infrastructure, Systems, Services & Support at Smals, elaborated on OPEN'17 on how they started with G-Cloud and the role of open source during this project.

Peter (managing director)
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