Linux and Open Source Services

Since 2000, Kangaroot is specialised in Enterprise Solutions based on Linux & Open Source Software. We have designed, implemented & maintained 100's of servers & networks. With our consulting, organisations lower their IT capital costs & operational expenses. Our certified engineers help you reduce over-provisioning, consolidate servers and increase business agility and continuity. Contact us now for more information

How we work

Strategic advice & implementation

By using the available open source building blocks & the occasional proprietary package, we provide a tailor-made solution which we integrate in your current infrastructure. In this way, we guarantee you a solid IT-infrastructure that provides 100% business continuity.

24/7 Support

Do you need a solution to your problem, right now? We can help. Or would you like the peaceful Zen mind that comes with a 24/7 support contract? Our support engineers are always on call. Using automated monitoring and alert systems, we help keep your infrastructure up and running.

Training & coaching

We provide core & advanced open source skill sets for real world roles. Our seminars, workshops, hands-on training sessions and mentoring are based on best practices & extensive experience. Every engagement is tailored specifically to your business, so the training aligns perfectly with your organisational and business needs.