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Start today your DevOps platform on OpenShift Managed by Kangaroot

Do you want to start with OpenShift but don’t have the manpower, knowledge, experience, ... ?

Do you want to start with containers or a Kubernetes platform? You don’t have the in-house knowledge, experience, manpower to setup OpenShift? Get OpenShift in a box, managed by Kangaroot.
Digital Transformation requires a change in culture ànd in tools. OpenShift-in-a-box contains a managed platform to give you the tools at a fixed monthly fee ànd workshops & services to help you drive your change in development culture.
Choose below where you want to start and spin up your DevOps platform!

OpenShift on-premise

OpenShift on-premise

For an on-premise solution, we offer you 2 options: a non-high and a high available option. The setup is built on a HPE Server build for OpenShift. On top of that we run RHEV (Red Hat Virtualisation) and Gluster, finished of with an OpenShift. In case you choose for end-to-end monitoring or help with CI/CD; we install the needed elements on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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OpenShift in the cloud

OpenShift cloud setup

The cloud setup uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux machines to run the OpenShift Worker nodes. Besides these, 3 OpenShift Master nodes are installed on Red Hat’s Core OS. Prometheus & 1 Elastic node on RHEL are installed by default.

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