Managed OpenShift by Kangaroot

Start your DevOps platform on our managed OpenShift

Do you want to start with containers or a Kubernetes platform? You don’t have the in-house knowledge, experience, manpower to setup OpenShift? Get OpenShift-in-a-box, managed by Kangaroot.

Digital Transformation requires a change in culture ànd in tools. OpenShift-in-a-box contains a managed platform to give you the tools at a fixed monthly fee ànd workshops & services to help you drive your change in development culture.

Choose below where you want to start and spin up your DevOps platform!

Where do you want your OpenShift?

  • OpenShift on-premise

    For an on-premise solution, we offer you 2 options:

    • a non-high and
    • a high available option.

    The setup is built on a HPE Server build for OpenShift. On top of that we run RHEV (Red Hat Virtualisation) and Gluster, finished of with an OpenShift. In case you choose for end-to-end monitoring or help with CI/CD; we install the needed elements on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • OpenShift cloud setup

    The cloud setup uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux machines to run the OpenShift Worker nodes. Besides these, 3 OpenShift Master nodes are installed on Red Hat’s Core OS. Prometheus & 1 Elastic node on RHEL are installed by default.


What do you get?

  1. A ready-to-start OpenShift environment incl. basic logging, CI/CD pipelines & monitoring. This configuration is designed by Kangaroot based on years of experience.
  2. A strong virtualisation layer built on Red Hat Virtualisation for the on-premise option or a predefined set of Azure resources and services if you choose to run the stack in the cloud. Our experience takes the hard work out of designing and building this type of stack. Everything is built with flexibility to change in the future in mind.
  3. Once the installation is done, we help you to get started & help you run the first sets of containers. 
  4. One day of consultancy by one of our expert engineers.
  5. There are a few support options available to help you after the installation is running: office hours or 24/7 support. 

All at a fixed fee!

Need more details?

Take a look at the product sheet to discover all ins & outs about OpenShift-in-a-box and let us manage your OpenShift.

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Want to start with OpenShift in your organisation?

Ask us all your questions and we'll contact you with the appropriate offer.

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