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In production and development, 'open source is a philosophy, or pragmatic methodology that promotes free redistribution and access to an end product's design and implementation details[citation needed]. Before the phrase open source became widely adopted, developers and producers used a variety of phrases to describe the concept; open source gained hold with the rise of the Internet, and the attendant need for massive retooling of the computing source code. Opening the source code enabled a self-enhancing diversity of production models, communication paths, and interactive communities. The open-source software movement was born to describe the environment that the new copyright, licensing, domain, and consumer issues created. Here's the Wikipedia page.


Linux containers - open source container

Linux containers? What are they & how can you start with Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher? Need help in container management and your orchestration platform?


Ubuntu Partner

Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things


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MariaDB is reinventing the relational database to support today’s enterprise needs from OLTP to analytics from a single SQL compliant interface. MariaDB products include the widely adopted open source MariaDB Server, a relational database and complementary products including MariaDB MaxScale, a database proxy and MariaDB ColumnStore, an analytic storage engine, that are valuable for deploying MariaDB in large, mission-critical environments.

Postgres: The Centerpiece for Modernising IT Infrastructures

Gaby Schilders - EDB

Postgres is the leading open source database management system that is being developed by a very active community for more than 15 years. Gaby Schilders is Sales Engineer at EnterpriseDB, supplier of the EDB Postgres data platform. He explained at OPEN'17 why companies take open source as the centerpiece for modernising their IT infrastructure, thus increasing their scalability and taking full advantage today's technologies offer them.

What's New in MariaDB Server 10.2 and Big Data Analytics with MariaDB ColumnStore

Anders Karlsson  - MariaDB

In May, at OPEN'17, Anders Karlsson, Principal Sales Engineer at
MariaDB Corporation Ab, talked about "What's New in MariaDB Server 10.2 and Big Data Analytics with MariaDB ColumnStore"

After running over the new features, the presentation covered MariaDB ColumnStore. MariaDB ColumnStore is a powerful open source columnar storage engine that supports a wide variety of analytical use cases with ANSI SQL in highly scalable distributed environments. It unifies OLTP and analytics workloads with a single ANSI SQL interface.


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