Digital Transformation in an SMB?! How to start?


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Software is eating the world / Every company becomes a software company / Digital Transformation, ...

are all sorts of slogans we’ve heard in recent years. They are very true but the actual process of changing an organisation followed by implementing the technical underpinnings, is not always easy.

Even though software vendors & developers think tooling is available and building new software is easier than ever, we’ve noticed that small and medium enterprises struggle to start their implementations.
Technical people are scarce; many choices need to be made in a world that is still maturing and ways of working that fit their organisation best, haven’t been decided on yet. These are just some of the reasons why an adaptable and flexible platform is required.
On the other hand, development and the tooling around it, is also an ongoing process that needs maintenance, changes, new building blocks along the way and in most cases, someone that leads the way. Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform is a great tool to start with for most organisations, however for most small and medium organisations, a container platform is never the starting point.

Many questions need to be answered and choices to be made, without knowing the impact for their organisation in the near-term or the long-term.

That’s why Kangaroot has created OpenShift-in-a-box. OpenShift-in-a-box is a combination of a bundle of workshops, software, platform options, integrations and services for small and medium organisations. It allows these organisations to get a technical environment up and running in no time, supported by people who know how to organise this new way of working, fast iterations, daily releases and who will help make the right choices today and tomorrow.

Questions that need to be answered and that can impact a number of options later on, involve the choice between an on-premise or a cloud-based deployment. By choosing Red Hat’s OpenShift, we make that choice less impactful. Whether we start on public cloud and afterwards return on-premise for security reasons, or we start on-premise but then move to cloud to use the scale, OpenShift can be deployed in both environments and allows us to move between the two options.

However the choice of on-premise or cloud solution, automatically entails that you need to know what is required underneath. Just think of your hardware and software infrastructure, cloud sizings, extra cloud services, how to implement logging and monitoring etc. 

In OpenShift-in-a-box we take care of those details; we decide what’s underneath and how we set things up so they’re flexible and ready to grow. You, as a customer will only get a monthly cost, regular interactions with our engineers and architects, and an ease of use  where the software that is being developed by your own development team or an external party gets deployed automatically onto an OpenShift platform and is ready to be used.

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