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Recently we have started up our partnership with Rancher Labs. Rancher is a complete container management platform. Containers make software development easier, enabling you to write code faster and run it better. However, running containers in production can be hard. Rancher makes it easy to deploy and run containers in production on any infrastructure.

How do you orchestrate containers?

Take a look at this article or do not hesitate contacting us. We are more than happy to visit you and talk over all the different possibilities.

Why choose for Rancher?

When we take a closer look at Rancher, we do see some advantages. There is the sexy interface to run your Docker containers, it’s easy to set up, pretty lightweight but nevertheless a powerful API, no lock-in and off course all in open source. There is a free & commercial version which for the moment offer the same support.
From the other hand we notice some down sides as well; like persistent storage, ingress and code maturity. But there exists a work around for those and the golden tip stays: test if on advance in different environments.

How does Rancher works?

Rancher works in environments with stacks which runs your applications. By the use of virtual load balancers you can use a single access point to do all your services and automate your containers in production. It is even possible to auto start your Rancher environment and use the Health Detection.

You can use Rancher to deploy and steer your Kubernetes, Mesos or Docker Swarm. Cattle, the internal cluster manager of Rancher, gives you the entire features of Rancher, the front end, all the interaction with the stack, ....

More info needed on Rancher? Do not hesitate contacting us!

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