OpenShift in a box - Webinar - 22 Sept 2020

14 July, 2020 - 16:26 -- jschevernels

Start today your DevOps platform on OpenShift Managed by Kangaroot

Do you want to start with OpenShift or Kubernetes
but don’t have the manpower, knowledge, budget, ... ?
Or are you challenged by your developers to start with OpenShift?

Do you want to start with containers or a Kubernetes platform? You don’t have the in-house knowledge, budget, manpower to setup OpenShift? Join our webinar the 22th of September together with Red Hat where we'll compare Vanilla Kubernetes with OpenShift and our own managed service, OpenShift-in-a-box. OpenShift-in-a-box contains a managed platform to give you the tools at a fixed monthly fee incl. workshops & services. Want more info about OpenShift-in-a-box, managed by Kangaroot? Download the product sheet or get more details here

Digital Transformation requires a change in culture ànd in tools. Are you ready to spin up your DevOps platform?!

Download product sheet OpenShift-in-a-box


Webinar OpenShift

Together with Red Hat, we'll compare Vanilla Kubernetes next to OpenShift and our own managed service, OpenShift-in-a-box.
Bob Dubois, Cloud & Storage Business Development Manager at Red Hat, will be assisting us with his experiences
by his talk: "There is no such thing as Vanilla Kubernetes".

Don't hesitate and start your DevOps platform on OpenShift today!

Webinar OpenShift

On top of that, we'll send all attendees this O’Reilly e-book
"Kubernetes Operators - Automating the Container Orchestration Platform"
of Jason Dobies and Joshua Wood

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Sessions will be recorded and shared afterwards to recap some info.