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Quite some time now we are proud Technology & Platform Partner for Elastic. We help Elastic to create more impactful and easier-to-deploy solutions based on Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.
During the last year, we have included ELK in some local projects e.g. Digipolis Antwerpen.

The product catalogue is long, so please ask us what we can help you with or how to deploy your ELK-stack.


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MariaDB is reinventing the relational database to support today’s enterprise needs from OLTP to analytics from a single SQL compliant interface. MariaDB products include the widely adopted open source MariaDB Server, a relational database and complementary products including MariaDB MaxScale, a database proxy and MariaDB ColumnStore, an analytic storage engine, that are valuable for deploying MariaDB in large, mission-critical environments.

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