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Along with a pragmatic approach, Kangaroot is also focused on its partner-strategy.
From the beginning, Kangaroot has been working hard to build good partnerships and to maintain them.

Choose for Kangaroot to start your DevOps platform with GitLab. Develop with DevOps in a single application.

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Managed by Kangaroot

  • OpenShift-in-a-Box

    Do you want to start with containers or a Kubernetes platform? You don’t have the in-house knowledge, experience, manpower to setup OpenShift? Get OpenShift in a box, managed by Kangaroot.

  • Managed Kubernetes

    Kubernetes has taken the container orchestration landscape by storm, but it still is a fast-moving & complex infrastructure to manage. Not sure how to start with Kubernetes? Tired of running this yourself? Let us manage your Kubernetes!

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